Franklin (ADOPTED!)

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There is no better way to describe this incredibly handsome guy other than to say he is a real life Goofy!  I would like to introduce you to Franklin, November's featured Adoptable Dog of the Month!  I recently met Franklin in August of this year when I met with Kerry & Brenda from Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue at their facility in Brentwood, Tennessee to photograph some of their available dogs.  Our morning of shooting began with Franklin, at first sight he is a striking dude, he is a 2 year old Boxer/Mastiff mix with a huge head, one of his many endearing qualities.
Franklin loves play time, and so focused on that ball
Franklin immediately showed me that he has a huge zest for life as he played with various toys in the big yard at the farm, jumping and spinning like one of the big athletes in the NBA!  It's amazing the agility this hoss has when it's playtime, and you will not easily break his concentration once he has his mind set on it.  Being a Boxer/Mastiff mix he's stubborn and strong so once he sets his mind he's gonna make it happen.  He has a great personality and is full of life and wants to live it to the fullest with every second!  He is just a big lovable dope, his favorite color is clear.
Camera Ham Time with Franklin
Like most Boxers Franklin is a high energy dog and would do best in a home with older children.  Being a big boy he will need a lot of room to run and play or go on long walks daily to burn off his energy and would even enjoy a lot of working dog activities, he may even like to go with you on a run or bicycle with a Walky Dog attachment.  Whatever your activities are the possibilities of this dude being ready to tag along are absolutely endless!
Franklin was sad his photo session was over in August
Once we had finished with our adoptable photos Franklin obviously didn't want to go back into his run because he likes to play and is definitely a people dog.  Anyone who adopts Franklin has a lifetime companion ready to have fun and when the day is over will snuggle with you on the sofa.  I made a promise to Franklin, as I did all dogs at the MTBR Brentwood facility that I would come back and do more photos one on one when we had more time to spend together.  Luckily, as fate would have it, Franklin has gone to live with a foster family to work on his focus and manners refresher.  Franklin is staying with Stacee Brown and her pack that includes Popeye!  Once I heard he was there I touched base with Stacee and presented ideas for a photo shoot with Franklin that would absolutely rock!  Last night we were able to do the shoot in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.
We stopped by GRAY'S PHARMACY to take in the scenery of October
As you can clearly see Franklin is doing well in his foster home learning the ropes of home life again.  Like any growing boy Franklin loves to eat and is highly treat motivated...HIGHLY!  And he is always moving, I don't think he sat still for even 2 seconds during our entire shoot.  Not surprisingly though since there was a lot going on in downtown Franklin, as with any downtown.
Franklin checking out Downtown Franklin, maybe even catch a flick
Franklin is a man about the town, taking in the sights at local shops like the Main Street Toy Company
Of course I would be remiss if I didn't say something about our final shot of Franklin.  I had this shot in my head since I first met him but I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to achieve it.  There were a lot of factors in play, after all this is a living breathing downtown area with lots of bars, restaurants, sidewalk cafe's and historic architecture that people love to hang out and enjoy.  Luckily for us we decided to do this shoot on a Monday night with no events at the Franklin Theater scheduled, although Halloween is Friday Night and they are having a special showing of The Shining.  If you are in town I highly recommend checking it out. 
One of my favorite sayings that can be applied to most photography ideas is that "Just because you can't doesn't mean you shouldn't."  I say that because Franklin was safely on the sidewalk for his entire shoot, me on the other hand while testing other shots was standing in the middle of this downtown street like a jackass.  To insure the utmost safety of the pets and people involved I never ask anyone to take the dangerous position of standing in the street, laying down on the ground, bending in awkward positions, or forcing the dogs to do anything they don't want to do.  Believe me when I say Franklin was treated like a supermodel, after all, he is one now.  Sometimes you just have to sacrifice things like your own safety if you want to express yourself with your art.  So let me set the scene for you and I will also discuss what gear was used.
There were 3 people involved in creating this shot, first Stacee (Franklin's foster mom) who has done an excellent job with Popeye and now Franklin.  Words cannot express the tireless amount of hours she dedicates to these dogs and their rescue, rehabilitation and happiness.  Second we have Lori who is also with Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue and is interested in learning more about photography, but tonight she happens to be the lady with the treat bag, remember Franklin LOVES treats.  Of course the last person is me, doing the risky dangerous positioning to get the shot stuff.
I have a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105mm f4L lens attached.  I love the 5D Mark III's performance at higher ISO's and this is no exception.  My camera settings are 1/100th of a second, f4 at ISO 400.  In terms of ISO this is certainly not a high ISO for the 5D but I wanted to keep noise levels low as most noise reducing tools do reduce noise but they compensate in other ways like making rigid surfaces look like they are TOO smooth.  I also have a PocketWizard Plus III to trigger the speedlight bank to camera left at 45 degree angle to the model.  There are three Canon 580EX II speedlights aimed at a Westcott reflective umbrella, all set to manual mode.
These kinds of situations do require some review per shot but when your subject has a very short attention span you just have to shoot and shoot and shoot.  After all the setup and planning this shot of Franklin is what all the work is for, it's the image I had in my head from the beginning.  I couldn't be happier with the finished result because he is such a great dog and he deserves all the happiness that he will no doubt soon have.  I also did a few post processing edits to the image for a different look to the image as well.  I really like vintage images and this shot certainly has that vibe.
Check out Franklin in front of the historic Franklin Theater in the heart of downtown Franklin, Tennessee.
Franklin In The City
Franklin In The City (Black and White)
Franklin In The City (Sepia)
Franklin In The City (Warm Butter)
If you are interested in adopting Franklin, or any of the available dogs from Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue please visit their website and fill out an application today.
Each month we will feature one of Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue's adoptable dogs!
Remember, if you can't adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, or network.  Everyone can get involved and save lives.
All text and photos are copyright 2014 Brian Batista Photography.  All rights reserved.  No unauthorized use of photos without permission.



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